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Why should you upgrade your iPhone 4S to the latest iPhone 5s?

Posted on 22 January 2014

Trade in your iPhone 4s

So are you wondering whether to trade in your iPhone 4S for the new iPhone 5s, cash or wait until later in the year when the new iPhone 6 will surely be announced? Here are some great reasons to make the jump right now.

The fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner is under the menu button, and it lets you sign into the phone by reading your fingerprint.

It’s a pretty cool function, saving you endless time constantly having to enter a password, which people were obviously finding annoying, as only 60% of iPhone owners had set up any kind of security on their phones. Press once to activate your phone and then leave your finger on the button and the phone will unlock. It’s more than just a novelty to show off to your mates. It is something that works well, and genuinely saves you some time. It’s pretty darn magical, and it makes going back to a phone without a fingerprint scanner particularly torturous.

64 bit

iPhone 5s is the world’s first phone with a 64 bit processor, which means that it boasts faster speeds, better performance and more advanced features.

Right now, 64 bit means an improvement in processing power, which in turn means your internet will run faster. Up to 25% faster to be precise.

Other than that, the best features will be coming in the future. Apps that need more computing oomph will work really well with a 64 bit processor, so expect a lot of new releases taking advantage of the new technology this year.

64 bit was also needed to keep scans of your fingerprints secure, and we’ve only seen the very beginnings of this technology. Very soon, you’ll be able to scan your fingerprint to log into your internet banking, and use it to buy things online.

Subtle cosmetic differences

We’re shallow beings when it comes to mobile phones. The more it looks the same, the less we’re inclined to spend our hard earned cash on upgrading. After all, one of the major bonuses of getting a new phone is the envious looks you get from others. While cosmetically the 5s looks nearly identical to the 5, there are a couple of subtle differences, the most obvious being the new fingerprint sensor. A big black or white circle, it doesn’t have the smaller white or black circle in the middle of the button you’ll be used to on the 5 or 4s.  

The other difference is the camera flash. The 5s has a two tone flash, which takes up more room on the back, and is fairly easy to pick out with its half yellow and half pinkish tones.

Better photos and video

The flash we talked about has made a big difference to the photos you take in low light situations. This is made possible by intelligent sensors and a special true tone flash that supports two different cool white/warm amber colour temperatures for improved white balance and more than 1,000 different colour temperatures. Basically that means that the iPhone 5s now has one of the best flashes on any camera phone.

As well as a better flash, you can now take a burst of snaps by just holding down one of the volume buttons. The phone will assess all photos you’ve taken and decide which one it thinks is best, but you can still go through and check them if you like.

And if you’re a fan of action sports, you’re going to love the Slo-Mo video mode. It slows everything down by shooting at 120 frames per second, creating fantastic slow motion sequences to really impress your mates.

More colour options

If you want a bit more of a blatant sign that you've got the latest and greatest Apple bling, then pick up the gold version. It's a brand new colour, and it's been remarkably popular. While the space grey and silver versions were fairly readily available on launch, people were waiting up to eight weeks to get their hands on a gold phone, as manufacturing caught up with demand. Thankfully now, they're a bit easier to get hold of.

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