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What to expect from CES 2014

Posted on 02 January 2014

Every January the world's technology makers descend on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It's where they show off all the things they'll be launching in the coming year and gives us a great sneak preview of the latest and greatest gadgets. Here's our Carphone Warehouse summary of what mobile technology to expect from CES 2014.


Samsung could show off up to four new tablets at CES. The first of these is said to be a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, a 7" slate with relatively low-end specs and a budget price of around £100. The other three are a new line of tablets, the Galaxy Note Pro range. There's rumoured to be 8.4", 10.1" and 12.2" versions of these super powered tablets. All of them will have exceptionally sharp screens and top of the range processors for blistering performance.

As well as tablets, we could see Samsung show off new phones. The anticipated Galaxy S5 is thought to be coming in February or March, but given the range of phones Samsung has, we could easily see something new. A global rollout of the Samsung Galaxy Round could be announced to counter the LG G Flex. There's also been a rumour of a new Galaxy F line of smartphones that'll be even better than the Galaxy S line, so we might get more details on these phones.


Sony could make a splash at CES by announcing the Xperia Z1 mini. Rumoured to be called the Xperia Z1S, it should have the same incredible processor and camera as the full sized Xperia Z1, just in a smaller body. That would mean there would be a smaller screen, thought to be 4.3", and a smaller battery, around 2,300mAh. Strangely, we've already seen this phone put on sale in Japan under the Xperia Z1f name, but that is a Japanese exclusive so we'll have to wait and see if the global version is identical.


Huawei could be big this year, literally. The Chinese manufacturer is expected to unveil the successor to the Ascend Mate phablet, the Ascend Mate 2. This new phablet is thought to have the same enormous 6.1" 720p HD screen but a smaller body. There's also meant to be a new, faster processor, better camera and newer software. The giant battery is thought to stay the same as last year's model, but the new hardware should see battery life climb even higher.


Asus has a unique device in its PadFone, where a phone slots into the back of a tablet to provide the processor and easy file sharing. The next version of the smartphone/tablet hybrid could be shown off at CES. It's rumoured to be called the PadFone X and should be exceptionally fast. But the interesting thing is the software. While the phone is said to run Android, the tablet could be able to switch between Windows and Android. That would give you the easy productivity of a normal computer and the mobile excellence of a tablet in one device.

Wearable gadgets

Samsung, Sony and LG could all show off smartwatches and fitness bands at CES. Samsung and Sony would both improve on the designs of their smartwatches, the Galaxy Gear and SmartWatch 2, while LG's G Arch would be a first for the company and could have a flexible screen.

The three fitness bands would all track your movements and sync wirelessly to your mobile to give you a better picture of your health. But LG's fitness band seems to stand out from the rest as it's rumoured to have a touchscreen built in. What you'd control from the band is unknown but it could be a handy way to control your music wirelessly while running.

CES kicks off on Tuesday 7th January and we'll be covering all the best bits live on Twitter through @CPWTweets and on our website.

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