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What is 4G mobile internet?
What is 4G?
Loads of smartphones can connect to the internet through their mobile signal. This means you can browse the internet, check emails and download apps. Until recently, the fastest movile internet was called 3G, or the Third Generation of phone communication. 3G actually supplies the telecommunications services to your phone too, like phone calls. 4G, the Fourth Generation of phone communication, is the next step, giving much faster internet speeds, rivalling or even exceeding the speeds of a Wi-Fi connection. You'll also get improved internet reception as a bonus.
The benefits of 4G.
Speed Speed.
Where the fastest 3G connections clock around 50Mbps, the new 4G connection reach speeds of 100Mbps, with potential speeds of 300Mbps. The Wi-Fi connection in the Carphone Warehouse office is achieving about 300Mbps, so it's like having a Wi-Fi connection with you wherever you go.
Browsing Browsing.
The latest phones have quad core processors to help them blitz through websites, but with faster connections comes even faster page loading. You know how a page pops up in its entirety in about a second on your PC? 4G gives you this experience right on your smartphone. It also means that websites with lots of rich content, such as hi-res photos, load almost instantaneously.
Downloading Downloading and streaming.
Where before if you wanted to download a game, say GT Racing: Motor Academy, you'd have to wait a fair while for it to complete - around fifteen minutes of waiting - but with 4G you'll have the 138MB file in about a minute and a half. Ever tried to watch Top Gear over 3G? The quality can be low and it might even stop now and again thanks to buffering and loading. 4G gives you excellent visual quality and a perfectly smooth streaming experience.
Video chat Video chats.
There are two factors affecting the quality of video calls with apps such as Skype: webcam resolution and internet speed. On 3G, images can sometimes appear a little grainy with a bit of lag or voice echo. 4G eliminates all of this, giving clear and lag free video calls anywhere you fancy.
Gaming Gaming.
It's all about multiplayer - the more, the merrier. Why shouldn't you play Modern Combat 3 with 12 of your mates while you're waiting for your flight to America? 4G gives the speed, and more importantly, the connectivity reliability of Wi-Fi anywhere.
Reliability and reception Reliability and reception.
Which nicely brings us on to another important improvement of 4G. If you're in a poor reception area, 4G will actually give you a hugely improved signal for mobile internet. Of course, it's not just remote areas that will feel the benefit. Those small dead spots will disappear and weak signals will be much fewer and far between no matter where you live or work.
When can I get it?
Right now! Recently Everything Everywhere, owners of Orange and T-Mobile in the UK, has been given the go-ahead to get 4G up and running and with the right phone you can get 4G today. More networks will be launching their 4G connections in the coming months, so check back for the latest news.