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What does it mean to upgrade?

Posted on 26 July 2013

Upgrading with Carphone Warehouse is simple - even if you didn't buy your handset from us. We'll match or beat the price your network offers, and you can get paid instantly for your old handset if you bring it into a Carphone Warehouse Store. We also offer an unbeatable range of handsets, as well as great offers and gifts. You can even upgrade if you're on Pay as you go - saving up to 40% off the price of a new handset, and keeping all your credit. If you're waiting for that dream phone to come out, you can also choose a SIM-only upgrade - getting you more minutes for your money while you wait. As with all Carphone Warehouse upgrades, you'll be able to keep your own number.

Not sure when you're due an upgrade? No problem. Simply enter your details into our Upgrade Reminder Service and we'll tell you when you're eligible for an upgrade - even if you didn't buy your phone from Carphone Warehouse.

You can rest assured you'll get the best price for your old handset, too - you can get up to £200 for your old phone or tablet instantly by coming into a store, or check online to see the price, pop it in the postage-paid package we send you, and we'll send you a cheque.

Pay monthly
Even if you didn't buy your existing phone from Carphone Warehouse, you can still upgrade with us on your pay monthly contract - across all Britain's major networks. You can keep your number, and our Network Price Promise ensures you won't find a better price going direct to your network. Carphone Warehouse offers an unbeatable range of handsets when it comes round to upgrade time, along with tantalising offers and great free gifts.

Pay as you go
Pay as you go upgrades let you trade in your old Pay as you go phone for a new handset – and stay on your current price plan, without losing your credit.