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Britain wastes £4.8 Billion a year on the wrong phone tariffs

Recent research from Billmonitor.com*, the Mobile Price comparison site, shows that, on average, you could be wasting £194 a year because the tariff you're on isn't right for you. This adds up to a massive £4.8 billion that Britain wastes every year...

The rapid growth of the smartphone market coupled with the explosion in app use has changed the way mobile devices are used, with more and more people downloading more and more apps and using their devices to access emails and browse the web on the go. This has seen the demand for data grow dramatically over the last two years - for example, average data usage on Android devices doubled in just six months last year. As a consequence, Britain now wastes £173 million a year purely by going over phone data limits.

With smartphone data usage forecast to continue growing over the coming years, it will become ever more vital for customers to find the best possible tariff deal to suit their own personal needs and help them to avoid excess charges applied when data limits are exceeded.

To support the changing needs and requirements of our customers, Carphone Warehouse is always looking for ways to improve our offering and tackling this issue of waste, is our latest challenge.

With over 7 million contract options to choose from, how can you hope to tell which is the best fit? The networks will only be able to show you the options they offer themselves, but at Carphone Warehouse we are completely independent.

We offer the widest range of phone tariffs and can compare a range of different network, tariff and phone combinations to find the perfect one for you.

We also offer the widest range of data tariffs, including the UK's lowest price for unlimited data at just £12. With more unlimited data packages on contract and SIM-only than anyone else including T-Mobile, Three and Talkmobile, we can help ensure you never need to worry about going over your data limit.

We want to ensure you get what is right for you. So for independent advice, talk to us.

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