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Using Guest Mode on the LG G2

Posted on 8 October 2013

What does Guest Mode do?

The Guest Mode allows you to setup a second user on your LG G2. The normal user is for you, with all your apps and settings. The second is for a Guest, which has only the apps you've pre-selected to appear.

What is it for?

The Guest Mode is designed with children in mind, but of course it's great for lending your phone to anyone. If you're handing your G2 over for a child to have a play with for a few minutes, you don't want them accidentally deleting something important, or looking at unsuitable content. Guest Mode makes your phone safe, and protects your personal information. To access the Guest Mode a specific pattern is drawn on the lock screen. Inside the Guest Mode are only the apps you've chosen to appear.

How does it work?

To begin, you need to know that Guest Mode is only accessible when the lock screen is set to pattern mode. To do this, head to Settings, Display, and turn on the Pattern lock by drawing a pattern. Then you can turn on the Guest Mode. Go to Settings, General, and click on Guest Mode. First choose your pattern by clicking on the Set pattern menu. Confirm the pattern, and then go to Set apps. This screen lets you choose the apps you want your Guest to access in their mode. To add or remove apps, press the Add app button in the top right of the screen. You can then add or remove any of the apps you've got installed on your G2. Then, check the box next to Guest Mode and whenever you swipe the correct pattern into the lock screen, Guest Mode will boot up.

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