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Social live on the Sony Xperia™ Z1

Posted on 5 September 2013

What does it do?

Bored of posting still images to Facebook? Well now you can broadcast high quality videos live to your Facebook wall using the Social live feature on the Sony Xperia™ Z1. Not only that, you can see you how many people are watching, liking and commenting on your video in real time. And it's not just a 30 second snippet. You can stream a video up to 10 minutes in length. There's audio too, so everyone watching can hear what's going on.

What is it for?

Well, anything you can see through the lens of your Xperia™ Z1 you can stream live on Facebook and show your friends. So, perhaps you're at a football match and want to make your friends jealous. Social live is perfect. Or maybe you're a budding chef and want to show off your cooking skills. Well the Z1 lets you tell all your friends to check your homepage for a live video demo of your favourite recipe. Or maybe you just want to say 'Hi' on your Facebook page and thank all your friends for a great night out.

How does it work?

The Social live feature is available from the camera app. Boot up the camera from the app menu or long hold the physical camera button. Press the silver button in the bottom right corner of the screen and the camera effects will pop up. Select Social live, log in to Facebook and give your video a title and subject. Now you just need to decide who your video should be shared with, Public (everyone), just your friends, or a selection of people, known as Custom. Get ready, press record and you're broadcasting live! There's a countdown timer in the top of the screen so you know how long you've got. The icons at the bottom tell you how many people are watching your video live, and you can see how many people like and comment on your 10 minutes of fame.

If you're having problems, or need to get Info-eye to search something specific, there are some built-in help tools. For bits of texts or barcodes, you can touch the screen to highlight whatever it is that needs to be read. Alternatively, tap the question icon at the top of the viewfinder and you can choose a category. This brings up a box specifically for that category. Now just align the box, and enjoy the results.

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