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Samsung Smart Home, the new, digital way of controlling your home

Posted on 8 January 2014

Samsung Smart Home

Samsung’s Smart Home technology could revolutionise how we live and what smartphones can do. And the best bit is, it should be ready to buy half way through 2014.

Smart Home lets you control the electronic devices in your home using your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or smart TV. And it’ll work from anywhere too, so you don’t have to be at home.

The home devices Samsung is working on include lights, TVs, fridges, air conditioning or central heating and vacuum cleaners.

It works like this. If you have to rush out and forget to turn the lights off, just open the Smart Home app and turn them off with your phone. You could even start the washing machine using your tablet when you’re at work.

The technology will also support voice control. Better yet, one voice command could do loads of separate actions at once. Say ‘Going out’ and the lights and TV will turn off, the heating will turn down and the vacuum cleaner can begin cleaning. Voice control is particularly useful for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Just bring it to your mouth and speak.

Smart Home also has a Home View feature. Cameras in your gadgets at home can be viewed remotely, allowing you to check on your pet or see what else is happening while you’re out.

Samsung’s idea also means all the technology will be connected to one another. If you’re watching television and the washing machine cycle finishes, a message will appear on the screen. You’ll never leave clothes in the dryer again!

As was said in our CES experts article, smartphones and other mobile devices have made this possible. Smartphones are the hub, because we’re already carrying them and they can get online from anywhere. We don’t need to carry a separate wireless Smart Home device. All we need is our phone.

There’s loads going on at CES. Check out our roundup of the most exciting gadgets from day one and Samsung’s new Tab Pro range. We’ll have plenty more from CES in the next few days, so keep checking back for more news on the latest technology.

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