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Samsung's new tablets, the Galaxy Tab PRO and Note PRO. What's new and what's different?

Posted on 8 January 2014

Samsung is one of those companies that produces a lot of different products. It just announced four amazing new tablets, and Carphone Warehouse can tell you what's new and what the difference is between them.

What's new

All four of the tablets have similar new features. Here's how they break down.

New homescreen

Instead of the screens you'd see on a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, these tablets have a new look thanks to Samsung's new Magazine UI software. Just like the new Windows 8 software or the FlipBoard app, the homescreen has blocks. These are separated into different topics, like sport, business or weather.

It's great because it gives you a really tidy yet information-packed screen. You can alter the layout, customise the information displayed and swipe quickly from screen to screen. It really works well to give you a quick snapshot of the things you care about.

New screens

The resolution of a screen is a measure of how sharp it is. The higher the resolution, the better the screen quality in terms of showing crisp, realistic images. With its new tablets, Samsung set out to smash records, giving all four a resolution of 2560x1600. That doubles the resolution of the previous Tab 3 10.1 tablet.

With screens as sharp as this, the new Samsung tablets are aimed at anyone who likes movies, photos or gaming.

SideSync app

This is a great, innovative app. SideSync lets you control your Samsung Galaxy smartphone right from the app on your tablet. Open the app on both your tablet and phone, and the tablet screen pops up with an image of the phone, including the screen. Then just use the touchscreen on this virtual phone.

It lets you send messages, surf the web, access the gallery of your phone, all from your tablet. It works by using a Wi-Fi connection. So if your phone rings upstairs while it’s on charge, just SideSync it.

How are the tablets different?

Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2

With its large screen the Tab PRO 12.2 is perfect for movies. It has the fastest processor, the most memory, and the largest battery. All the tablets have a 4-way split screen mode. This lets you open four apps on screen at once. The large screen is perfect for this new feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2

Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2

The difference between this tablet and the Tab PRO 12.2 is the S-Pen stylus. Otherwise they have the same specifications. That means the same great screen, lots of memory, and the latest processor.

The S Pen makes this a great tablet for both play and work. It also means it has the same handwriting recognition apps as the Note 3 smartphone, so it’s handy if you’re not a fan of typing.

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1

If the 12.2” tablets are a little big, then the Tab PRO 10.1 is going to be for you. It has a slightly smaller screen, but the sharpness and image quality are the same. All the apps in the Tab PRO 12.2 are installed, and it has the same processor and 8MP rear and 2MP front facing cameras.

Don’t forget, as it has a smaller screen it’s lighter and easier to move around and handle.

Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4

The best tablet for using away from home is the Tab PRO 8.4. It is around half the weight of the Tab PRO 12.2, and generally much easier to hold and use. The battery is slightly smaller as there’s less space. Samsung still managed to fit the same processor, screen resolution, apps and cameras as the larger tablets.

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