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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
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Pink, Purple and Orange colours only at Carphone Warehouse

Colours. We've got plenty for everyone.

With Pink, Purple, Orange, and of course the classics black and white, you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in practically any colour you're into. Like to stand out from the crowd? Choose Orange. Fancy a cute colour? Grab the Purple or Pink. And, as the back comes off, you can mix and match your own funky combination.

Epic touchscreen display.

The screen on the S4 Mini is a scaled down version of the larger Galaxy S4's display. Using AMOLED technology it has beautiful colours, but it's more energy efficient than other competing technologies. The 4.3" size is still plenty big enough for web surfing, YouTube videos and Facebook tagging, but much easier to use one handed or if your hands aren't above average in size.

Adapt Display and Sound.

Keeping the screen looking its best is Adapt Display. This is a feature that automatically adjusts the screen to make everything look its best. You can also make manual changes to keep the screen how you like. The same is true for the Sound, ensuring your listening experience is always amazing.

Hands free navigation.

S Voice™ Drive lets you check your messages without having to look at the S4 Mini's screen - the text can be read out loud. Replying is as easy as talking back to your phone, and if you're receiving a call, just answer and get talking. How about if you get lost? The S4 lets you tell it where you want to go and it'll get you on your way.

Sharing music and games with Group Play.

Group Play is a great feature for sharing content. Send a file to friends, hook it up to play games wirelessly, and even play the same song through multiple devices. It's all wireless, working across NFC and Wi-Fi, but not needing an internet connection to work. All you need is another phone that uses Group Play, and some great multimedia to send!

WatchOn - turning your S4 Mini into a TV remote.

Sometimes you might want to watch some content on your TV, and that's fine - your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has an infrared port and WatchOn pre-installed. This is an app that lets you control your TV, changing channel, upping the volume, even checking to see when your favourite programme is on next.

8MP camera with some great features.

Thanks to its advanced camera and hardware, including a 1.7GHz dual core processor, there are some great camera effects on the S4 Mini. The Panorama shot is perfect for taking photos of landscapes or chaotic nights out, while Sound & Shot lets you take a photo and simultaneously record a sound bite. This means you'll have memories for your eyes and your ears at the same time.


4G1 is the new wireless internet network, giving you access to internet speeds 5-7 times faster than the current 3G network. You'll be able to stream HD movies on the go, take part in 3D multiplayer games from anywhere and take video calls away from home. In short, anything to do with the internet will work faster and more reliably. Also, by getting a 4G device now, you're future proof for when 4G becomes the norm in a few months' time, whether you use 4G right away or not.

The perfect travel companion.

With S-Translator and S-Travel built-in, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is perfect when you're going away abroad. S-Translator lets you translate to and from nine languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. With text or voice translations, and the ability to translate straight from emails and texts, it's hugely useful. It'll even work offline! S-Travel provides all the information you'll ever need; places to go, things to do, places to eat - all backed up with recommendations from others. You'll never be lost for things to do again.

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  • 1 You will need a 4G connection before you can access the 4G network, and you will need to speak to your network provider to determine whether they will be offering a 4G network, and when it will be active. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is fully compatible with the current 3G network infrastructures that are in place across network providers.