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Nokia Lumia 925 FAQs and hints and tips

Posted on 17th July 2013

How do I use the Lumia 925 camera in low light?

Turn the flash off, point and shoot. The Lumia 925 takes the best low light images of any smartphone thanks to the improved image quality algorithms – the technical part of the software that makes sure images come out true to life. The default camera settings on the Nokia Lumia 925 are optimised for low light but you can also easily adjust them in the camera settings if you want a different effect.

What does Nokia Smart Camera do?

Nokia Smart Camera is found in the apps drawer, but can be set as your default camera from within the app, just hit the button in the settings bar at the bottom of the screen. What it does is take a series of ten pictures in 2.5 seconds; you can then add some amazing effects including Best Shot, Action Shot, Change Faces, Remove Moving Objects and Motion Focus, which blurs the background of an image while keeping a moving object in sharp focus. As the original ten frames are automatically saved, you can edit your pictures at any time.

The camera is only 8.7MP, how sharp are the photos?

The Lumia 925 comes with Optical Image Stabilisation, allowing you to take clear photos even while moving. Sharpness is also improved by the six physical lenses in the 8.7MP camera, a feature that no other smartphone can boast.

What's PhotoBeamer?

PhotoBeamer is an app that lets you share your photos with any internet enabled device with ease. All you have to do is go to on the device you want to share with, open the app on your Lumia 925, select the album and photo that you want to share and then scan the QR shown on with the phone's camera. You'll then be able to flick through your photos on the phone and watch them change on the big screen without the need for cables.

How do I scan barcodes or QR codes?

Right next to the little musical note on the Bing search bar is an 'eye' icon. This gives you access to a camera-based feature that reads barcodes and scans QR codes. It'll event translate words using optical character recognition, so if you're on holiday and want to know what a street sign says, just hold up your Lumia 925 and it'll tell you.

What can I do if I fill my Lumia 925's memory?

The Lumia 925 comes with 7GB free SkyDrive storage, added to the 12GB user available memory that should be enough room for most uses. If it's not enough you can always add more storage space to your SkyDrive account.

Is the 1.5GHz dual core processor fast enough for a flagship smartphone?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and 1GB RAM are optimised for the Windows Phone operating system. Optimisation is the process of making sure software and hardware are working effectively, with no wasted resources. This makes the whole phone very smooth to use and gives fast launching and running speeds for applications.

How long does the battery last on the Lumia 925?

The Lumia 925 can manage up to 440 hours of 3G standby time or 12 hours 40 minutes of 3G talk time according to lab tests. With normal daily usage, that equates to a good day's use.

How can I improve the battery life?

The simplest way to up the battery life on the Lumia 925 is to use a black background rather than a white one for the phone's homescreen and a darker colour scheme overall. You can change these by going to Settings > Theme. Super AMOLED screens don't use any energy for black pixels and so use less battery when more of the screen is dark.

You can also use Battery Saver mode found in the Settings menu. It stops apps from having access to mobile internet, and stops them from running in the background. In the Advanced menu at the bottom of the Battery Saver menu, you can choose whether it's on all the time or just when the battery level is low.

How do I use the voice assistant?

Windows Phone 8 has a voice assistant, much like Siri in Apple's iOS or S-Voice in Samsung's TouchWiz. To access it, just tap and hold the Windows key in the middle at the bottom of the phone. The voice command menu will pop up, and the phone will start listening out for commands automatically.

Can the Lumia 925 really identify the song I'm listening to without an external app?

The Lumia 925 has a built-in Shazam-like feature, which identifies tunes by listening to them. To use it tap and hold the Search soft key at the bottom right of the screen until the Bing search bar pops up, then tap the little musical note at the bottom of the screen. You phone will immediately start listening for music but will only be able to identify a song if you have an active internet connection as it needs to send a snippet to a server for identification.

Can I turn off Glance?

Glance mode is a new feature for the Lumia 925 that displays a clock on the screen when the phone's put into standby. You can turn Glance off by going to Settings, scrolling down to and selecting Display Touch, then swiping right-to-left until you get to the Glance menu. The top option here lets you turn it off, keep it on permanently, or have it switch off after 15 minutes. There's also a night mode that makes the clock red instead of white, which isn't so bright and so is less distracting at night.

How do I download maps in HERE Maps?

One of the best software features of the Lumia 925 is HERE Maps. This is the phone's equivalent to Google Maps. And it's arguably even better because you can download free maps of entire countries for use when offline, so no massive roaming bills after driving through France. To download a map go into HERE Maps and hit the menu button in the bottom right, in the menu tap 'download maps'. Follow the instructions on screen and you'll be able to download maps for areas and countries across the globe.

Can I change the colour scheme on my 925?

Of course. To pick your shade, go to Settings and tap Theme near the top. This gives you a menu of colours to choose from. Windows Phone 8 offers 20 different shades so you can find the one that suits you best.

Will the black aluminium stay black or wear away with use?

The black version of the Lumia 925 comes with a dark grey aluminium frame, the colour of which is made through an anodising process. It is made to last and not to wear off in normal use.

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