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MWC 2013: Stand of the Show.

Posted on 1st March 2013

Now all that's left for us to decide is Stand of the Show. Now, as we're Carphone Warehouse, we're obviously drawn to the smartphone manufacturers, so forgive us if you were at MWC and have different opinions to ours.

While Samsung win the award for most bodies (they may have temporarily solved Spain's unemployment crisis) and ZTE must have a contact book full of modelling agencies and dress designers, Stand of the Show is HTC's and Nokia's to fight for. Here's why.


With Beat's Audio™ and its recent sponsorship deal with the UEFA Champions League, HTC is a cool brand. Its stand was like a rave, with epic bass lines pumping from speakers, green and purple lights flying from all angles and the sight of the fittest people at MWC doing back flips and handstands off of walls, live before our eyes. The spinning men and women falling through the air was a great opportunity to show off HTC Zoe, the camera feature of the new HTC One, so extra kudos goes to HTC for that too. There was also a juice bar that was so popular the queue was a good ten minutes long!


Nokia's stand was an equally packed affair, with phones of all budgets filling the huge stand. Wireless chargers and gloves were all over the place as Nokia showed off its phones' cool features, and there was even a chill out zone with bean bags for a quick ten minute nap. The whole stand was utter organised chaos with handsets everywhere, exactly what you'd expect from a company pushing forward. There was free Cola too, which is always a plus. We were also taken in by the dark room. A Cuban model sat curtly inside, and behind her was a Hawaiian night scene. Nokia invited us to a challenge: our DSLR camera versus the Lumia 920. Here's who won!

HTC and Nokia had the ideas and execution, but Nokia walks away as winners of the Carphone Warehouse Stand of the Show award. Congrats!

Mobile World Congress 2013 - Nokia Lumia 720 .

Mobile World Congress 2013 - HTC One - Boom Sound .

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