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New technology trends at CES 2014

Posted on 10 January 2014

There was a huge amount to see at CES this year, but it was clear that technology is focusing on certain areas. That means we can almost predict the future! Here's what you'll be seeing more of in 2014.

Everything will connect to your smartphone

If you think there’s a lot of stuff that connects to your smartphone now, you’d be right. In the next few months though there’s going to be much, much more. Everything from fridges, pet cameras and treadmills will interact with your mobile. The phone in your pocket is going to be the central hub for almost all the technology you’ll be using every day.

Everyone will make a fitness tracker

Sony, Polar, Fitbug…the list is long. Fitness has been getting more and more popular and the technology world is really sitting up and taking notice. No matter what type of sport you do, or what kind of information you want to collect, there’ll be a device just for you.

Smartwatches will get better and better

It’s only January and 2014 has already seen a huge variety of new smartwatches. There are big ones, small ones, stylish ones and curved screen ones. In 12 months’ time, technology will have taken a step on and we’ll almost definitely see a new generation of smartwatches that will be handier than ever.

3D printing will get faster and widely used

3D printing was the new big thing at CES 2013 and now in 2014 it’s really matured. The time it takes to print items has been cut drastically, the designs more intricate. It’s also clear, thanks to sugar and chocolate printing devices, that it’s not just plastic that can be printed. Soon it might just be possible to print your own phone accessories, parts of phones, or even complete bodies.

Your home will be automated

We’ve been waiting for a long time for this to happen, and 2014 might just be the year. Many companies, including Samsung, have begun to make big steps in producing household devices that link up with smartphones so you can control them remotely. It’s practical, environmentally friendly (think of much you could save on heating bills if you can control the boiler while you’re out), and will save everyone a huge amount of time!

TVs are going to be amazing

Some of the televisions on show at CES were so incredible it almost seemed like they were windows. But they didn’t just look good. They could send shows to your phone, could be controlled with finger gestures and even bend from flat to curved.

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