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Most unique wearable technology devices from CES

Posted on 9 January 2014

We’ve seen smartwatches and we’ve seen fitness tracking devices. What other things can wearable devices do?

Tell you if you banged your head too hard

Reebok's Checklight device

Reebok was displaying its Checklight device. The small and light Checklight slots into a headband or helmet. Then, should you be unfortunate enough to bang your head, Checklight display a series of lights to tell you how bad the hit was. Whether you race cars, ski regularly, play rugby or even American football, it could be a life saver.

Let you know if you've had enough sun

June by Netatmo

June is a piece of jewellery by Netatmo. The sparkly, crystal-like device actually detects sunlight. It sends the information to the smartphone app, letting you know how much sun you’ve had. It can give you sun advice based on your habits and skin type, and warn you if you need to get out of the sun. Wear it as a bracelet or brooch!

Look classy and tell you you're getting a call

Ezio jewellery

Most of the technology we see at CES looks futuristic. Ezio focuses on products that still have the technology, but look like designer pieces. It has a range of classy jewellery aimed at women. Crystals light up when you get a text, email or call. And, if you stray from your phone, they’ll light up to warn you that you might have lost it. They’re also water resistant, gold coated and maybe a girl’s best friend.

Track everything you did, including social activities

Sony SmartBand was announced the day before CES, and while it tracks your fitness, it also has other more unique capabilities. It works with the LifeLog app to show all your movement, social and entertainment activities. Track what songs you listened to, what photos you took and where it all happened, all from one app.

There’s loads going on at CES. Check out the greatest gadgets shown off on Wednesday in Las Vegas. We’ll have plenty more from CES in the coming days, so keep checking back for more news on the latest technology.

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