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Mobile World Cup 2014 first round: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Alcatel OneTouch Pop C1

Posted on 17 Jun 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Alcatel OneTouch Pop C1

The second match of the 2014 Mobile World Cup saw the world's biggest phone maker, Samsung, take on the plucky minnows Alcatel.

The underdog from France got off to a decent start as we compared the design of the two phones. Its smooth plastic body and small size made it more likeable than the Samsung, which has a new 'glam' back cover. But the water resistant Galaxy S5 definitely feels more solidly built than the Pop C1.

It didn't take long for the South Korean giant to begin to overrun the Alcatel. As soon as the screens came on the Galaxy S5 showed why it costs four times as much on contract. The Full HD AMOLED display shows incredible details and colours compared to the 3.5" LCD screen on the Alcatel, so it'll be much better for movies and games.

The Galaxy S5 took full advantage of its incredible speed to extend its lead. The 2.5GHz processor, coupled with Android 4.4.2 KitKat, let it breeze through apps and games while the Alcatel lagged behind. The French phone caught up eventually, but it's nowhere near as quick.

It was a pretty one-sided affair when we took a look at the cameras too. The Galaxy S5's 16MP camera is crammed with innovative technology that makes it one of the best camera phones around. Whereas the Alcatel Pop C1's camera is only handy for quick snaps.

But the Alcatel had a brief comeback thanks to its excellent value. For a fraction of the cost of the Galaxy S5 you get a fully functioning smartphone with all the apps you'd want. You might not get all the bells and whistles of the Korean phone, but you do get change from £50 when you buy the Alcatel on pay as you go.

The Galaxy S5 finally locked out the match with a solid defence. Its fingerprint scanner and the Knox security software means you can be confident all your stuff's safe. The Pop C1's defence is pretty good, with a choice of PIN, password or pattern locks, but it can't compete with the Samsung's security.

At the end of the match, the Galaxy S5 had run the Pop C1 ragged and its battery had little juice left. The Galaxy S5 on the other hand had plenty of power to keep going. In everyday life, you might struggle to get through a full day of using the Alcatel without charging it. But the Samsung could go for up to two days between charges.

So it was an easy victory for South Korea. But France will be pleased with the performance of the Alcatel given its super-value price.

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Here's how the Mobile World Cup stands:

Mobile World Cup 2014

Join us tomorrow (Wednesday 18th June) as Finland takes on China in the third match of the 2014 Mobile World Cup.

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