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Live from the LG G3 announcement event

Posted on 28 May 2014

Live from the LG G3 announcement event

18:00 – And the event gets underway with a video hinting at some of the incredible tech we can expect to see in the LG G3

18:02 – Dr Ramchan Woo, Head of LG Smartphone Planning, takes to the stage to introduce the company's latest innovation.

18:04 – Dr Woo says LG listened to its customers to make the G2 and has continued to listen to innovate for the G3. Which is why they've made the new phone simple.

18:05 – LG G3 lets you "get more with less effort".

18:06 – LG shows of the G3's incredible new design, stunning screen and innovative camera in an impressive video before bringing out the phone for our first look at the real thing.

18:09 – LG G3 has a Quad HD screen that brings outstanding sharpness and stunning brightness and colour.

18:10 – The innovative camera with laser autofocus gives you sharp photos in an instant. While the minimalist design emphasises the phone's focus on simplicity.

18:11 – LG says the G3 has a floating arc design, which looks to be a curved back that gives you a more comfortable grip.

18:14 – James Marshall, Head of Mobile Product Marketing, takes to the stage to talk about the screen, camera and design.

18:16 – Marshall compares the LG G3's Quad HD screen to an art book, saying most phones show the quality of a normal magazine.

18:18 – LG has used all of its screen making experience to create the new screen. That means they've managed to get even better colours.

18:20 – The G3 adapts its display depending on what you're doing to make sure the high resolution doesn't hurt battery life.

18:22 – LG G3 squeezes the big screen into a small frame so you can use it one handed. It's actually only slightly wider than a phone with a 5.1" screen.

18:24 – Never missing a moment is the most important part of a smartphone camera, which is why the G3 comes with laser autofocus so it can shoot even faster. The laser technology is similar to what the police use in their radar guns.

18:25 – LG G3 actually focuses faster than you can blink.

18:26 – You can tap on the G3's screen to focus and shoot instantly. And it has optical image stabilisation plus to keep the camera steady.

18:28 – LG G3 is the ultimate selfie camera. It has a larger sensor and you can trigger the shutter just by raising your hand, rather than pressing a button.

18:29 – There are more, higher quality microphones for better sound quality when recording. And if you're somewhere noises, the G3 will automatically change the settings to filter out the excess noise and really capture the atmosphere.

18:31 – LG designed the look of the G3 for simplicity. The front of the phone is minimalist to give a sense of quality. The software has been redesigned to look modern and flat. While the back of the phone has simple buttons that are easy to use.

18:35 – The back of the phone has a curve that has the perfect radius for the screen size to make sure the phone's comfortable to hold.

18:38 – There's loads of hand software to keep things working simply. You can change the size of the keyboard, you'll automatically get reminders and handy notifications and Knock Code makes it easy to secure your smartphone.

18:39 – Android Coughlin Head of Mobile UK takes to the stage to explain the new software.

18:40 – The thing done most frequently on smartphones is typing, so LG has put a lot of effort into the G3's keyboard. They've focused on the keyboard layout to minimise how much you need to move your thumbs.

18:44 – LG G3 has Smart Notice that offers tips based on how you use your phone, like telling you that you haven't returned a missed call.

18:45 - It also gives you tips on your phone's status, telling you that you could free up space by deleting things that you don't use.

18:46 - And it gives you tips based on your location, giving you things like weather alerts.

18:48 – There's also Smart Security on the G3, with Knock Code to lock your phone, content lock for multiple users and a kill switch that makes the phone unusable if it's stolen.

18:55 – And that's it. The LG G3 is official and simple definitely looks to be the new smart.

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