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Info-eye™ on the Sony Xperia™ Z1

Posted on 5 September 2013

What does it do?

Info-eye™ is pretty special. It gives you information about the places and objects around you, just by pointing your Sony Xperia™ Z1's camera at them. It'll work for landmarks as well as objects like books, wines, foods, QR codes, barcodes and business cards. You can also share the information Info-eye™ gives you with your friends with a handy photo. Depending on the object you're using Info-eye for, you'll get details such as address and contact details, reviews, general information, author, a Google search result, even restaurants that are near your landmark.

What is it for?

Info-eye™ is for recognising things you can't put into a search, or for a quick fact check. If you're sightseeing somewhere and don't know what a landmark is, it can be hard to find out. You don't want to be walking around trying to find some information for half an hour. Just take a photo and the Xperia™ Z1 will tell you what it is, give you some history, and even tell you what else is nearby. Standing in a shop and need a review on something? Take a shot of the barcode and you'll get all the information you need. That includes prices, reviews, and where else you can get it. Not sure if that book's for you? Take a photo using Info-eye™ and read opinions and a brief synopsis. Imagine searching the internet for information using photos instead of words, that's what Info-eye™ does.

How does it work?

Fire up the camera of the Z1 by long pressing the dedicated shutter key or selecting it from the app menu. Press the silver button in the corner of the screen and tap Info-eye™ from the menu. Now all you need to do is point the Xperia™ Z1's camera at your object, and press the shutter. You'll get an internet search result with information about whatever you took a shot of, whether it's Big Ben or a quote you've seen and want to know who said it.

If you're having problems, or need to get Info-eye to search something specific, there are some built-in help tools. For bits of texts or barcodes, you can touch the screen to highlight whatever it is that needs to be read. Alternatively, tap the question icon at the top of the viewfinder and you can choose a category. This brings up a box specifically for that category. Now just align the box, and enjoy the results.

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