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HTC One Mini
HTC One Mini
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HTC One Mini

Check out our sneak preview of the incredible HTC ONE MINI and its innovative features.

HTC One mini - Here's to compact.

With a sleek aluminium body, BoomSound for outstanding sound quality and the latest HTC Sense software packed with features, the new HTC One mini is designed to be compact and stylish without compromising on power or functionality.

Compact design

The HTC One mini has been crafted out of stain and fade resistant aluminium to give a real look and feel of quality to the phone. The back tapers towards the seamless, curved edges so the phone fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. This design also makes the HTC One mini look and feel incredibly slender as it's just 4mm thick around the edges. The metal casing also acts as an antenna to boost signal, so the stunning design has function as well as form.

UltraPixel camera

It is often assumed that the quality of a camera is defined by the number of megapixels but in reality the lens, software and sensor are much more important to the quality of shot produced. HTC has taken this on board and given the HTC One mini a camera with an UltraPixel sensor that captures 300% more light for impressive shots even after dark. The new camera can also take 1080p HD video at the same time as photos so you'll never miss a moment. You can also apply advanced editing features to get the perfect still shot.

HTC Blinkfeed is a revolutionary user experience that sets the HTC One mini apart from other phones. It gives you all your favourite content on demand via a personalised live homescreen. Everyone has unique needs and interests so with HTC BlinkFeed you're free to build your own personal homescreen, filled with live tiles that give you social network feeds, news and app updates. And because it's easily refreshed on demand, you can stay up-to-date at a glance and not miss out on your favourite content.

HTC Zoe Photo

Photo on the HTC One mini gives people the ability to shoot UltraPixel photos that come to life in three second snippets. These photos and videos are then displayed in the new living and breathing photo gallery, giving you moving previews of albums and photos so you can see exactly what was going on. The life and movement in a HTC Zoe Photo comes because you're actually taking a three second long HD video and 20 high-res images every time you press the shutter so you'll never miss a moment.

HD display

The display on the HTC One mini is impressive. The 4.3" screen is HD with a 720p resolution meaning you get a massive pixel density of 341 pixels per inch. Simply put it means you get the best sharpness and clarity of any phone with a similar size screen. And that high resolution screen is made of Gorilla Glass 3 so it's tough enough to survive everyday use. Colours on the screen are also enhanced automatically depending on what you're viewing so images will always be true to life and the LCD panel has been designed to reduce glare and reflection so you can keep using your phone in bright sunlight.

HTC Zoe Highlights

With HTC Zoe Highlights on the HTC One mini you can impress your friends with 30 second movies that are created automatically from the best photos and videos of any event. All you need to do is either select the Zoe photos and Zoe videos you want to use or organise your gallery into events and HTC Zoe will do the rest. There are 12 Hollywood style themes to choose from with effects, transitions and music that really make your highlights reel stand out.

HTC Zoe Share

HTC BoomSound

The HTC One mini is equipped with HTC BoomSound, dual frontal stereo speakers, and Beats Audio. Not only does this make it louder than other smartphones but more importantly the sound is richer and distortion free, providing crystal clear, epic sound quality for everyone to enjoy. With two Beats Audio tuned amplifiers powering the dual frontal stereo speakers and the headphones, the HTC One mini delivers a rich and detailed sound experience. And with HTC Sync Manager you can easily grab your music from iTunes or Windows Media Player before the HTC One mini automatically downloads the lyrics and album art.

4G Ready


4G is the new wireless internet network, giving you access to internet speeds 5 times faster than the current 3G network. You'll be able to stream HD movies on the go, take part in 3D multiplayer games from anywhere and take video calls away from home. In short, anything to do with the internet will work faster and more reliably. Also, by getting a 4G device now, you're future proof for when 4G becomes the norm in a few months' time, whether you use 4G right away or not.