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HTC One (M8) tips and tricks

Posted on 11 April 2014

HTC One (M8) tips and tricks

The beautiful new HTC One (M8) has arrived, bringing loads of new features. Alongside the easy to use new functions, like changing the focus on a photo after you’ve taken it, there are some handy, less well known features. Here are our top ten tips and tricks for the HTC One (M8).

Swipe up with two fingers to search for Bluetooth devices

Connecting to a Bluetooth device is really easy on the HTC One (M8). All you need to do is swipe up with two fingers on the homescreen and it’ll start scanning for Bluetooth devices. Then just tap on the one you want to pair with and you’re done!

Swipe down with two fingers for quick settings

There’s a really easy way to turn on Wi-Fi or adjust your screen brightness on the HTC One (M8). You can drag the notification bar down using two fingers to bring up a quick settings menu.

Make sure you always look your best in photos

This is a great feature if you want to look your best. Before you take a photo, go into the camera and then into its settings menu. The first option is for the ‘Makeup Level’. Just set how strong you want the effect to be and take a photo. It’ll automatically remove skin blemishes and generally make you look even better.

Take unique photos

You can create really cool camera effects or perfect the settings for any scene with the HTC One (M8). Just go into the filters on the camera and hit custom filters. This lets you change every setting on the camera, including things like white balance and graining, so you can take your perfect photo.

Record your kids a bedtime story

Record yourself reading a bedtime story using Kid Mode) and if you can’t be there to read to your little one in person, they can play back the recording. On one side of the screen is your recording and on the other is the book so they can follow along.

Pinch the homescreen to add widgets

One of the great things about Android is its widgets, the big icons that give you some of the features of an app on your homescreen. With the HTC One (M8) there’s a really easy way to add new ones. Just pinch the homescreen and you get a menu of widgets that you can add.

Disable BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed is a handy tool, letting you catch up on news and social network updates from your homescreen. But you can disable it on your One (M8) if you want to. Simply pinch the homescreen and you’ll get the option to turn off BlinkFeed at the top of the screen.

See more apps per page

The menu of apps on the HTC One (M8) is arranged in a 3x4 grid, which means you don’t get many apps on each page. If you don’t want to scroll as much, you can tap the menu button at the top of the apps grid and change it to a 4x5 layout.

Make the most of Do Not Disturb

This is a great feature if you want to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. And it’s easy to set up from the main settings menu. It stops all notifications from making a noise or vibrating. You can set times for it to turn on and off automatically and can even select certain contacts who can still get hold of you in case of an emergency.

Crop photos for your Facebook cover

The HTC One (M8) now lets you crop any photo to fit as a Facebook cover perfectly. Just view the photo you want to crop, hit Edit, followed by Tools and then Crop. You can then slide through the preset crop sizes until you get to Facebook Cover. Now you just need to position the cropping tool and upload the newly sized photo.

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