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Using S Finder on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Posted on 30 September 2013

What is S Finder?

S Finder is a new search tool for your Galaxy Note 3. It'll search through everything on your phone, even the content of handwritten notes and memos. And it'll recognise your scribbles so you can jot down your searches.

When would I use S Finder?

When wouldn't you use it? You might be searching for something in your Scrapbooks or a note you stored using Action Memo, there's always something that you can't find in your smartphone. All you need to do is remember one tiny part of what you're searching for, a person's name, a part of a postcode or any other scrap of what you're looking for and the Galaxy Note 3 will find it.

How do I use S Finder?

Use the S Pen to open the Air Command menu by hovering it over the screen and pressing the pen's button, then hit S Finder. This'll open a search bar and some options for what content you want to search through. Start by tapping the search bar and you'll be given a keyboard to type with. If you want to search using your handwriting simply hit the button that looks like a pen at the bottom of the keyboard and write your search. You could even search for symbols if, for example, you've drawn a star on an important memo. It'll initially pull up results from all over the phone but you can use the categories at the top to narrow your search.

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