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Using Easyclip on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Posted on 30 September 2013

What is Easyclip?

Easyclip is a tool that lets you cut out interesting things that you see on your Galaxy Note 3's screen accurately, so you can completely remove the background or have the cutting as a perfect circle or square. You can then share the clipped image on any sharing app or add it to notes or sketches to

When would I use Easyclip?

As it lets you accurately cut images from any part of your Galaxy Note 3 you can use it all the time. You could stylishly crop a photo of you and your friends to put up on Facebook or you could cut an image from a web page to help you illustrate a work email. The possibilities are endless.

How do I use Easyclip?

When you see something that you want to cut, simply take the Note 3's S-Pen, hold its button and roughly draw around the thing your cutting. It'll then be highlighted and a menu of four buttons will appear at the top of the screen. The first is already highlighted and will use your original selection for the cut. The second turns your selection into a circle while the third makes it a square.

The final button is the coolest. It cuts around the main object in the image incredibly accurately, removing any extra detail around it. When you hit this one another menu will appear that lets you add or remove part of the photo from the close crop. This works best if the object you're cutting is on a fairly plain background as it's easier for the phone to detect the edges of your image. The close crop works best if the object you want is on a relatively plain background.

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