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Great gadgets from CES 2014 day two

Posted on 9 January 2014

On day two at CES, there were some surprising bits of technology that got us talking.

Technogym Unity treadmill

This is a pretty niche bit of kit, but the Unity treadmill lets you see all your running info on the head up display of Google Glass. You can also give the treadmill voice commands, for example ‘Speed up’, via Glass, and have a video call with a personal trainer.

iHealth gluco-monitor

If you need to check your blood sugar levels, there’s probably nothing that makes it easier than this from iHealth. While you still need to prick your finger and give some blood, the device checks your levels in seconds and sends it to your smartphone. The app can store 500 results, giving you glucose and insulin trends in a variety of graphs and charts. It’ll also give you reminders so you won’t forget to check your levels.

Light bulbs from Smarter Light

Smarter light light bulb

These are simple light bulbs that slot into regular light fittings. Then you can control them with your smartphone. Dim, turn off, turn on, all without having to get up or find a special, purpose built remote.

Omni mount

Omni Mount

Apart from the great name, this is a brilliant, simple invention. The mount keeps your TV on your wall. But it also makes it easy to reposition it, have it a new angle and move it up or down. The action is really smooth. It’s perfect if you like to change where you sit quite a lot.



As we walked past this window cleaning robot, we couldn't resist telling you about it. The 2kg machine sticks to windows with special suction pads, and detects the edges of the window so it doesn't fall off. It cleans all on its own, wasn't noisy and goes up a completely vertical piece of glass. What more does it need to do?

Proxi wireless charging box

Proxi wireless charging box

Just put your electronics in the box and power flows into the batteries. Your device will need to be compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard (the Nokia Lumia 1520 for example, among most other smartphone wireless products). After picking the brains of the engineers, they said special technology stops it overcharging any device, in case you leave it inside. And with around eight devices supported at once, everything you own could be charged in one place.

There’s loads going on at CES. Check out the most unique wearable tech, the top new smartwatches and the best fitness gadgets shown off on Wednesday in Las Vegas. We’ll have plenty more from CES in the coming days, so keep checking back for more news on the latest technology.

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