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Great gadgets from CES 2014 day one

Posted on 8 January 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) always has some surprises, and 2014 is no different. Here are a few things that caught our eye on day one at CES.

Dok multi charger

Dok multi charger

We see a lot of chargers and docks from loads of manufacturers, but rarely do we see something as hefty as this. In short, 16 Apple devices can be charged at once. In fact, Dok specialises in docks that cater for multiple devices, making them perfect for families or businesses.

RBX and the Drive app

RBX and the Drive app

RBX is a new company making wearable technology that tracks your fitness. Wear the Drive wristband, Pulse heart rate monitor or Go pedometer. The wristband is the most complex and records everything from your calories burnt to your activity. Combine any of the devices with the Drive app on your phone to log and view your fitness sessions. Come the end of January 2014 the app and products should be available.

RBX wearables

Sony tennis racket sensor

Just slot the tennis sensor onto the end of your racket and you're ready to go. Play some tennis and the sensor will send information about your swing to your mobile. This includes speed, style and accuracy. How does it work? It detects the vibrations from you hitting the ball and cleverly works everything out.

Samsung TREK + Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear on bike

Sony wasn’t the only phone manufacturer to get on the fitness bandwagon. Samsung worked with TREK to create two prototype bikes. One has a special handlebar that’s designed for your Galaxy Gear. Sensors in the rear of the bike then send information to your smartphone and smartwatch so you can track how fast you’re going.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on bike

The second bike has a customised handlebar that’s designed for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This too has a sensor that sends information to your phone, but it’s the front wheel we like most. A clever device turns the energy from the wheel spinning into electricity to keep the phone charged. Both bikes use the S Health app too, so you’ll be able to combine all the data into your normal fitness regime.

Smartphones will be the hub

No matter what technology is being created, for the moment the smartphone will be at the centre. Whether it’s digital fridges, fitness devices or ways of creating digital keys for your house, the smartphone is what links it all up and makes it work. In fact, CES experts said that the smartphone is the reason all this amazing technology even exists.

Bendable TVs

The Korean tech companies have done it again. Samsung and LG both have new prototype OLED TVs that aren't just curved just curved. They're bendable. At the press of a button special motors bend the screen, or straighten it out again. What's the point? If you're on your own and want a proper cinematic experience, sit in the middle and curve it. When you have friends over straighten it out for better all-round visibility.

Intel Immersive Gaming

Intel immersive gaming

Instead of just high resolution or 3D screens, Intel has gone one step further. Its Immersive Gaming technology involves wearing a special headset. Then, look around. The headset shows a complete 3D world, like you’re really there. Designed for gamers, anyone who used it was blown away.

There’s loads going on at CES. Check out Samsung’s Smart Home and its new Tab Pro range. We’ll have plenty more from the tech show in the next few days, so keep checking back for more news on the latest technology.

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