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The five phones to watch out for in 2014

Posted on 20 January 2014

Five phones to watch out for in 2014

February and March are set to be really exciting months, as there are lots of rumours suggesting there will be up to five top of the range smartphones unveiled. Here's everything we're hearing about these latest and greatest gadgets.

The show

At the end of February is a huge mobile phone exhibition called the Mobile World Congress, or MWC, held in Barcelona.

It’s the biggest show of the year for smartphone manufacturers, so they usually time their latest phones to be announced just before, during or just after the show. That means great new phones are just around the corner.

The phones

Samsung Galaxy S5 and F-Series
After making the hugely successful Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung is working on a supercharged replacement that’ll probably be called the Samsung Galaxy S5. The screen is reported to have twice the resolution of the S4, and the battery is said to last a lot longer. It’ll be excellent for movies. There might also be a new security feature that scans your eyes, a retina scanner, or a fingerprint scanner built right into the touchscreen.

Samsung is also rumoured to be designing a phone known as the F-Series. Little is known about it, but many leaks suggest it’ll have a metal body, and that the F stands for fashion. We think that means the design will be breath-taking.

HTC Two or One+
The HTC One collected the most awards of any smartphone in 2013. HTC’s new phone, dubbed the HTC Two, HTC One + or the HTC M8, is going to be leaps and bounds ahead of the old one.

Rumours say the new device will still have a metal body with excellent attention to detail, but this time a larger screen will feature. HTC always make exceptional displays, so this one should be something special. There’s the possibility of a fingerprint scanner to boost security as well.

HTC often creates its own software to help run its phones, like the popular BlinkFeed, making its phones standout with lots of unique apps. For the HTC Two they’ll be new software, all designed to get you social updates and news faster than ever.

LG made one of the most original smartphones we’d seen for a long time with the LG G2, and is rumoured to be following it up with a phone codenamed LG G3. Rumours say it’ll include a super secure fingerprint scanner. It’s likely to be placed on the rear of the phone, similar to the LG G2’s power button, for practicality.

Other than that, we’re looking at a particularly large screen of 5.5” with double the resolution of the G2, and a hefty 16MP camera. Photos and videos will look impressive, that’s for sure.

LG often comes up with a long list of fun and useful apps to go inside its new phones, so we expect the new G3 to be a great phone for saving time and impressing mates at parties.

Sony Sirius or Z2
Sony has always loved MWC and often announces devices right before the show. This year’s rumour is of a smartphone codenamed Sirius or Z2. Technology sites are reporting that the screen is a big improvement on the already impressive Sony Xperia™ Z1’s display, the processor much quicker, but importantly there are also reports of a vastly larger battery.

Considering Sony’s focus in recent months, the new Sirius is likely to be waterproof too, and include an excellent camera. If the battery life is being boosted further, it might creep to the very top of battery tests too.

If you want to keep track of the latest news about new and unannounced phones, have a look at our Launchpad rumours page. All the rumours are in one place, so you can decide on your new phone before it’s even on sale! We’ll be at MWC too, so follow us @CPWTweets to find out what’s happening. The Carphone Warehouse YouTube channel will have all our video coverage and reviews.

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