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Our favourite gadgets from the CES 2014 Innovations Awards

Posted on 10 January 2014

The Innovations and Engineering Awards at CES always excite us. Here are our favourite devices from the list of winners and honourees.

Eton BoostTurbine 4000 - Eco Design and Sustainable Design Award winner

Eton BoostTurbine 4000

Our favourite gadget was probably this. Using hydrogen cells, the BoostTurbine actually creates electricity – it steams a bit to prove it! – allowing you to charge your device. Each cell has enough juice for 5-6 smartphone charges. When cells run out of fuel, a special iodizer allows them to be refilled so the whole process can start again. Who needs British Gas?

ASUS NFC Express - Computer Peripherals Award honouree

ASUS NFC Express

Near field communications, or NFC, lets you bump two phones together to send information. This neat accessory for your computer gives it NFC compatibility. With this, just plug it into your computer’s USB slot and bump your phone on it. They’ll be linked and can wirelessly send data in seconds.

BackBeat GO 2 + Charging case – Headphones Award winner

BackBeat GO 2 + Charging case

These great sounding headphones are wireless, so you won’t have cables flapping around when you’re using them. Then, when the power is starting to run out, the handy carry case doubles as a wireless charger. Just pop the headphones in the charging case and the battery will be charging instantly.

Siemens miniTek - Accessible Technology Award honouree

Siemens miniTek

It’s good to see smartphones being used to do something really, really useful. The miniTek connects several audio devices to a user’s hearing aids. You can then use the miniTek Remote app on your smartphone to control the volume and other settings of any of the devices.

TrackR - Software and Mobile Apps honouree


Just attach the TrackR pendant to anything you want to keep track of, download the app, and you’ll be able to locate it. The most ingenious part of the app is the ‘crowd source’ feature. If you lose an item or have it stolen, everyone using TrackR can help find it. When another user walks by your item, you will be updated with the item's latest location.

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