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Some other cool things we saw at MWC 2013.

Posted on 1st March 2013

Barcelona was again home to the Mobile World Congress, and it was packed with technology of the mobile variety. Carphone Warehouse has put together a few articles on what was there, and here are a few things we couldn't squeeze elsewhere.

The world's lightest 7" tablet.

We like lightweight devices, it's just something that hits you as soon as you pick something up. Well, the guys and gals at Medias agree and came up with the Medias Tab UL N08D. At only 249g, it's the world's lightest 7" tablet, bar none. In fact, it's only 185g heavier than a Nokia Lumia 920, a device with a screen 2.5" smaller. Even though it's lightweight it's still packing a 720p HD screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a 3,100 mAh battery. It's also got special haptic feedback technology (the fancy name for the vibrate feature in devices). In fact, Medias call it HD Reverb, and we rather like it - vibrations in a tablet never felt so good.

NVIDIA's Project Shield.

The awesomely named Project Shield is NVIDIA's new super specced Android-powered portable games console. How best to describe it…ok, imagine an Xbox 360 games console. Now imagine that the whole thing was condescend and squeezed into an Xbox 360 controller. Now image that someone stuck a high res screen on the top, that could fold down to cover the controls, making the whole thing perfectly portable. Now imagine it had 72 GPU cores (games processing unit cores). That is Project Shield. It's an amazing bit of kit that's only limitations are where you want to play it and game designers' imaginations.

Fingerpint recognition... in a smartphone.

Fujitsu has popped up already in our MWC 2013 coverage thanks to its GPS walking stick, in this article, but it also managed to squeeze a fingerprint recognition button on to its cool Arrow smartphones. Essentially the button can be programmed so that the phone is unlocked for your specific fingerprint, a very cool idea. Another great idea was the button placement; it's in the middle back of your phone. Sounds odd, but when you pick up your phone with one hand, have you ever noticed where your index finger often sits? Middle, back. Genius. The Fujitsu Arrow smartphones are also water resistant, just to show off.

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