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The best smartwatches from CES 2014

Posted on 9 January 2014

Watches that link to your smartphone are finally starting to be as useful and good looking as we wanted. Here are the best smartwatches we found at CES and what makes them stand out.

Qualcomm Toq

Qualcomm Toq

The Toq’s screen is designed to save power. So cleverly, it usually reflects light to show what it’s displaying. But if it’s dark, you just need to double tap the top of the strap to turn a backlight on. The screen is touch sensitive and the Toq charges wirelessly too, so it’s super practical. And the app to sync the Toq to your phone is full of customisable settings.

Meta smartwatch

Meta Smartwatch

The Meta smartwatch uses a different way of saving power. It lasts around a week on one charge, but doesn’t use a touchscreen. Instead all of the functions are carried out using the six side buttons. While it might not feel as futuristic, the Meta has a very cool metal design.

Sonostar SmartWatch

Sonostar Smartwatch

Sticking with the power saving theme is the Sonostar SmartWatch. This uses a special touchscreen that uses e-ink technology, much like the Kindle eReaders. It means it uses very little power and also lasts around a week without charging. The screen’s curved too, making the Sonostar one of the most attractive and sleek watches going.



This is a watch designed for 5-11 year olds and is used instead of a smartphone. It’s light, easy to put on, and safe. You can send texts to and call the watch and your kids can talk with the built-in speaker and mic. The app to control the watch is on your phone, and includes a location tracker. You can even be warned if your child strays into an area they’re not meant to be in!

Pine by Neptune

Pine by Neptune

The Pine smartwatch takes a completely different approach. It’s the first standalone smartwatch. This means it doesn’t need to connect to your smartphone. It takes a SIM card and can make calls, send texts and get on the internet all by itself. You can take the straps off too and put it in your pocket if you want.

Razer Nabu

Razer Nabu

Razer’s smartwatch has an exceptionally slim design. It has two small screens. The outside screen shows notification icons. The inside screen shows you previews. And because it’s all so small and light, it’s a great bit of kit for everyday use.

Ezio smartwatches

Ezio for Ladies

Ezio has a large collection of smartwatches. Instead of going for features, it’s gone for style. With watches designed for men and women, you don’t need to look like an extra out of Star Trek. The watches can light up and ring when you get a call or email, or vibrate discreetly if you change the settings.

Ezio for Men

There’s loads going on at CES. Check out the most unique wearable tech, the best fitness trackers and the greatest gadgets shown off on Wednesday in Las Vegas. We’ll have plenty more from CES in the coming days, so keep checking back for more news on the latest technology.

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