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January's best feature phones

Posted on 22 January 2014

Best feature phones

Smartphones are fantastic bits of technology but there are times when you just want to carry a phone with you rather than a computer. Whether you don't want to be bugged by emails all day, want something with a battery that'll last a week or more or just find a smartphone a bit confusing, there's a huge range of feature phones for you. Here's our pick of the best ones on the market in January 2014.

Nokia 108

Perfect if you don’t want to be constantly charging your phone. It has the longest battery life of any camera phone, lasting for up to 31 days on standby. Even if you were making calls all day, it’d still last more than 13 hours. It looks cool too, thanks to the smooth, brightly coloured back. So you’ll look good while you spend the day taking photos, talking and texting.

The Brick

Money, power, a high pressure job. These are the things The Brick would have said about you in the ‘80s. In 2014, though, it’s the ultimate in retro style. It even has Snake built-in so you can enjoy retro gaming too. But it’s not all about the chic style. The Brick has great sound quality for calls and music and has great modern features like a microSD memory card slot and Bluetooth.

Nokia 515

If The Brick is the standard for retro style, the Nokia 515 has the perfect modern design. This sleek handset bridges the gap between feature phone and smartphone. It’s extremely easy to use with smooth physical keys but you can also get onto Twitter, Facebook and emails. It’s the ideal phone if you want a few smart features in a classic package.

Doro PhoneEasy 612

The easiest to use phone we’ve seen. You can quickly take photos with just one button, making it easy to capture memories. Answering and ending calls is as easy as flipping the phone open or closed. And the soft touch coating and big, curved keys make sending a text or dialling a number really simple. The Doro 612 even works with hearing aids so anyone can use it easily.

Samsung E2121B

The Samsung E2121B is incredible value. You can play all your favourite music, even though a wireless speaker, thanks to the MP3 player, Bluetooth and microSD memory card slot. And the camera on the back is perfect for taking quick snaps in an instant.

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