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Most common 4G FAQs

Posted on 4 April 2013

4G ready. Most common 4G FAQs

4G is still a bit of a mystery to some, so here's Carphone Warehouse's quick 4G FAQ covering the main questions we're being asked.

What's 4G?
4G is the new data network that gives you much, much faster internet speeds. This means streaming video content is more practical and better quality, file downloads are faster and web browsing is lag free. 4G does not include call and text services, so it does not affect your signal reception or call quality, only the speed of the internet.

What networks can I get 4G on right now?
Currently EE is the only 4G network. Orange and T-Mobile are part of EE, so think of EE as the 4G network for Orange and T-Mobile. Three, O2, Vodafone and Virgin will follow later in the year, although dates are not yet confirmed.

Can my phone access the 4G network?
Probably not. You'll need a new phone that is compatible with the 4G network, such as the new Samsung Galaxy S4. See for all compatible phones. You will also need a 4G tariff.

Can I just hook on 4G to my tariff or upgrade my current tariff?
Not at the moment. You need to get a specific 4G tariff, and for that you'll need to have a different tariff to the one you're on now.

What are my connectivity options?

Will I get better reception with 4G?
Remember that 4G is actually only for your data, or internet connection. It will not affect your call quality or reception. So, if you can't get reception somewhere, you're unlikely to get better reception with 4G. What 4G will do once it is fully rolled out and the network coverage work completed is give you better data reception.

What happens if I go into an area where there is no 4G?
All of the phones that can access the 4G network can access the older 3G network. This means you'll still have internet access on the go, but you will be connecting at slower speeds.

Is the 4G connection more reliable?
Yes. When you're in a 4G area, because the speeds are higher you're much less likely to have a drop in your connection. However, as the network is still maturing, you will find that if you're constantly on the move, you won't feel the full effect of the benefit as you will be switching from 4G to 3G networks as you move around.

Will my phone's performance improve when I connect to 4G?
The speed at which your phone works will not actually improve, but certain functions related to the internet will work faster. These include file downloads, video call quality and webpage load times. Your signal quality will not be improved for calls or text messages, but when the 4G network is fully matured, data signal coverage will be improved. When you're in a 4G area, data reliability will also be improved.