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How do I switch broadband provider?
It's easy to switch broadband providers. To start the switching process, you'll need to contact your current provider and get a hold of your MAC. You can then take the code to your new provider.

For more information, check out our buying guide.
What is a MAC code and do i need one?
It's an acronym for ‘migration access code.' You once required a MAC to switch broadband providers over the telephone. To get your MAC code you'll need to speak to your current provider, and it will be a 17-18 digit code made up of numbers and letters.
However, following new rules introduced in June 2015, you no longer require a MAC in order to switch broadband providers.
For more information, check out our buying guide.
What is a cease and re-provide switching system?
This means that you have to notify both your current provider (the one you're leaving) and your future provider (the one you're switching to) of your intentions to move. This differs from the gainer-led switching process outlined below, and will apply to those looking to move to a fibre-optic broadband provider like Virgin Media.
What is a gainer-led switching process?
This means that you don't have to worry about making loads of calls when you want to switch broadband providers. A gainer-led approach puts your new provider in charge of the switching processes, resulting in you not having to notify your current provider that you're leaving at all.
Will I incur a termination charge for switching?
This will depend on your provider and the contract length you both agreed to. We would recommend you contact your provider if you're unsure about this to double check.

If you're following a gainer-led switching process and have had no contact with your current provider, you will be notified of any outstanding or early cancellation charges before your new contract begins, giving you the option to opt out of the switch or pay to cancel your current contract.
Will there be a credit check?
Some broadband providers perform standard credit checks. Each provider has its own set of rules and criteria, which means that if one provider turns you down, another may be happy to take you on.
What is fibre-optic broadband?
Fibre-optic broadband uses glass cables to connect you to the internet. The glass/fibre-optic wires give the fastest possible internet speeds. Find out more here.
How do I buy home broadband from Carphone Warehouse?
If you're looking for helpful, impartial advice, we're here for you. Call our broadband experts on 0800 781 2981, or we can call you.
Is line rental an essential bit of having broadband at home?
Not necessarily, and dropping it can be a great way to cut down on your monthly outgoings. The availability of broadband without line rental, however, depends on where in the UK you live. Find out more here.
What is quad-play?
Quad-play is a bundle deal that includes broadband, a TV service, a mobile phone and a home phone, all from the same provider. This can help you keep on top of your bills, and in most cases, save some of your hard-earned cash.
What is a data allowance?
A monthly data allowance tells you how much internet you can use in one month, before it gets reset the next month. Data is measured in megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB) - there being 1,000MB in a GB.

Some packages offer an unlimited data amount, which will be attractive to those who stream lots of stuff from Netflix or Spotify.
What is my broadband speed?

If your home broadband's running slower than you think it should, we've got some great tips to help here.
What is mobile broadband?
Mobile broadband is just like the internet connection you'd have at home, but it's portable and supplied by a mobile phone provider. This means you don't need to be tied to a desk, or sitting on your sofa, but rather you can stay connected on the go.

Mobile broadband can come in the form of a dongle, which you would plug into your laptop's USB port, or a SIM card that would go into your tablet.

There's also Mi-Fi hotspots, which is a small, portable device which omit an internet signal. Unlike the above options, you can connect up to ten devices to a Mi-Fi hotspot, which is great for a big family or if you've got a few different devices.
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