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Backup your media on Android

Back up your media


  1. Connect your Android Phone to your computer using the USB charging cable provided.
  2. Open your Start menu and click on Computer.
  3. Your Android device should appear underneath your local hard disk drives. Double-click on the name of your phone.
  4. Inside your phone's folder you may also see a folder (or two) called Internal storage, Phone, Card or Memory card. Open these folders to view your phone's memory.
  5. Your media is commonly saved in folders called DCIM, Music, Downloads and Video. Right-click on a folder you wish to back up and choose Copy from the list.
  6. We now need to find a suitable place to Paste this folder. Open the Start menu and click on Computer again to open a new window.
  7. Down the left-hand column of this new window you should see a section called Libraries or This PC, and underneath that you should find folders for your Pictures, Music, Documents and Videos. If you're backing up your DCIM folder (where your photos are stored), right-click on Pictures and choose Paste from the menu. For Music, right-click on the Music folder and choose paste.
  8. Once you've finished copying and pasting the folders you wish to keep, you can detach your phone from the computer.
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