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4G is still a bit of a mystery for some, so here's Carphone Warehouse's 'Myth Busters' on 4G covering the main questions that we're being asked.

4G will make my phone work faster
4G is a new data network that gives you 5 times faster internet speeds versus 3G which will make your phone work faster for internet activity. Read more
4G will improve the quality of your calls or reception
4G gives you much faster internet speeds but it won't improve your call quality or signal/reception.
4G is on all networks now and available everywhere
4G is currently available on EE. EE has almost 60% of the population covered, 95 cities, 4G on O2 is available in Bradford, Leeds and London. Vodafone's 4G is available in London. Check back regularly to see the latest information.
4G will impact my phone's battery life
4G requires your device to have a 4G chipset which requires more power. However, 4G phones have larger batteries than 3G phones, so battery life will be comparable.
4G will cost me more than I am already paying for 3G
4G will only cost a few pounds more than 3G but will be far faster, letting you do so much more. You'll find the extra speed a reliability worth a few extra pounds.
With 4G my text messages will be sent quicker
4G will not send text messages quicker unless you send your messages over the internet with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber.
All smartphones are 4G ready
Not all smartphones are 4G ready - for the most up to date list visit our 4G ready phones section
When I am ready for 4G I can just upgrade my current tariff
When you are ready for 4G you will most likely need to change tariff or opt into a specific option. This will vary by network.
I will lose connection if I go out of a 4G area
You will not lose connection when you go out of a 4G area but you will connect back to 3G until you are back in a 4G area. Calls and texts will always work as normal.
4G will give better network coverage
As 4G is the new data network that gives you much faster internet speeds it will make your phone work faster for internet activity, but not boost call reception
4G will use up more of my data allowance
4G doesn't use more data than 3G, so streaming the same video with equivalent quality on YouTube using 3G uses as much data as it would on 4G. However, because 4G is faster and more practical, you may use it more and want to stream content in higher definition and, therefore, view more content and use a bit more data.
My phone shows it is connected to 3G even though I'm in a 4G area – why?
When you make a call, all phones use the 3G network, which is why your phone displays 3G. When you use the data connection, or an app syncs, your phone will revert to 4G.


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